Dickenson Stadium 1930 - 2007
If you're from Massachusetts, chances are you've heard that Newton North is getting a new school. The city has been thinking about this for years, and it's finally happening. The new school is set to be completed in 2009, and will be the most expensive high school ever built in MA, at $151 million dollars. The entire site will be dug up and re-done, including, North's giant Dickinson Stadium, which will be the first part to go. Demolition is set to start Wednesday, so I went over to get a few last photos of it.
The stadium is pretty unique in that it was built on a hill which rises to one side of adjacent Hull Street. You can actually start at the top and walk your way down to the fields. The new school's stadium will not be located here, and this feature unfortunately, will be no more.
Portions of the old stadium have been fenced off for a couple years now, due to erosion.
Like so.
Made for some good photos though.
Plant life.
Remnants from last week's graduation ceremony.
Not all of it is falling apart...
The announcers box.
Home of the Tigers.
The view.
This wall has been repainted with the senior class year so many times over the years. Well, probably 77 times to be exact, since 1930...
Took a silhouette of myself as I was leaving. My JFK profile, we can call it.

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