Angela & David - The Wedding!
Beads were flying left & right...
Don't you just love siblings who don't fight?
And over at the Groom's room... Just a little CPR ;)
I noticed this N.H. vanity plate as the groom was walking towards the church.

Love it!
Dave's Mom lending a hand before the ceremony.
The girls taking their places. One of my favorite shots of the day...
Angela being given away at the altar.
The videographer on the balcony.
Receiving line out-takes.
My competition.
I was going for a little lens flare, and, I got a lot! I kinda like it though...
High-5-ing at the reception.
The absolute best dancer under the age of 10 I have EVER seen!
Cohasset, MA - Angela & David work at Mass General Hospital together, and, with my sister Carol! (thanks for the recommendation sis!) Angela is a nurse & David... well, he isn't a nurse! (but definitely is something medically related... sorry I forget your title!) When we first met to discuss the wedding, it was at the hospital. I could tell they were both really into what they do. At the wedding they even had a few tables of Mass General people... all of whom kept saying to me, "You're Carol's brother!" By the way, David used to be a wedding photographer himself. Cool, huh? Anyways, Cohasset was just as beautiful as I had heard, and I want to go back some day and shoot the town itself. First I have to finish editing these photos... which may take a while. I shot 100% digitally, and left with the equivallant of 36 rolls of exposed film. Yikes!

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