Happy Birthday Kimberly!!
The day before July Fourth, every year, is my friend Kim's Birthday! This year, she turned 19.

Kim always has really great parties, and this year's was at an amazing restaurant called Hamersley's Bistro, on Tremont Street in Boston. (If anyone ever wants to go - let me know, I'm definitely up for seconds!) Here are some of my favorite photos from the night.
The birthday girl arriving.
Allison Webber. She's classic.
Meet Lindsey.
Kim, Milvio & I.
I love my mirror shots.
Just... spreading butter.
Time for the cake!
Kim's pool party cake.

FYI - It's from Party Favors in Brookline. They were Boston's best, and I can definitely understand why!
Linda & Dan, the party hosts.
Kim wearing her gifts.
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