Wedding Crashing on 7-7-07!
Did you know that 7-7-2007 was one of the top dates for weddings held EVER?  I was bummed that I wasn't shooting any of them... but that didn't mean I couldn't go to any!  (You see where this is going, haha).  I proposed the idea to Allison, who is such a great sport.  I knew she'd be up for it.
We walked around Boston Common before heading to the hotels.
Soaking up the sun!
I did Allison's sr. portrait last year. By now she's used to this.
Taken by a tourist from San Antonio!
Not yet a model.
At the Fairmont Copley.
We even brought a wedding card! True professionals.
Fixing my tie before we go in...
Tying her Stuart Weitzmans, lol.
BROWN-VOLO wedding!

It was a very nice (Italian) wedding that we hung around for a while. Then some girl asked me to take a picture of her with the bride, who took one look at me and asked "Whose boyfriend is he? How do we know him??" LOL! Time to go...
Outside of the wedding reception.
And to the Sheraton...
Natalie & Brian's wedding.

The music was a little... different, (a Russian wedding I think), but we had fun!

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