Jessica C. Moritz: Hi Michael, wow just by coincidence I found your blog (through my statcounter!). Thanks for tagging me! Greeting from my beloved island of Malta! (7.11.08, 3:15am)

Amanda Harris: That Larry King thing is a hoot. And the dentist - the scraping noise is my least favorite noise in the world...worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. Thanks for playing :) (8.26.07, 12:57pm)

Anna Yu: Hey, Mike! It is Anna (Boston Beer Works :)) I've looked through your blog (yes, archives too:)), and WOW, you amaze me. Gorgeous images, great work, awesome attitude towards life and everything in general! WAY TO GO !!!! I'm sure Tony already gave you all the necessary info (forums, sites, tutorials,etc) Keep in touch !!! (8.24.07, 10:55am)