Stephanie: Every time you decide to vamp the website up, I think that it can't look any better -- you continue to prove me wrong! absolutely beautiful! (10.18.07, 9:04pm)

Laura: Michael...Your website is outsanding! you continue to THRILL us all with your brilliant photography. Being part of your art is always a pleasure!!. (10.18.07, 9:06am)

Tasha: Hey Mike, wow long time no see. Your website looks great! Email me sometime I would love to hang out talk about elementary school days. (10.17.07, 4:44pm)

Joanna: Who designed your logo? (10.16.07, 9:28pm)

Amanda : Looks great!! (10.16.07, 11:16am)

Lisa F: Hi Mike, LOVE the new site!! It looks incredible and is really more "you" than the old one. Fab!! (10.12.07, 12:45pm)

Tyler: Michael - the new site is great. "I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!." You proved me wrong! Keep up the fabulous work. PS - a little dead w/ the Ed Hardy. (10.11.07, 8:02pm)

Tony Yu: Dude this site is rocking my socks off!!! Awesome work, love your images. Call me, we should get together. (10.11.07, 4:34pm)

Sandy: I am so glad that you took all my advice and design expertise and put it to good use. I made such good suggestions. So proud of you mb!! (10.11.07, 3:06pm)

Crista: Awesome, I am so excited to see that it is done, looks great! (10.11.07, 12:49pm)

Natalie: have an art with photography. All of your pictures are gorgeous. I enjoy taking a break from my busy day to see if you have any updates. When can I have you take pics of my new condo?!?!?! (10.11.07, 11:18am)

Alisha: This is so gorgeous... and I'm TOTALLY jealous our your new logo. It's so simple and so beautiful. I can't wait to see the website! (found you via [b] by the way...) (10.11.07, 8:32am)

Jasmine*: WooHOOOOO! Way to go, Mike...I'm loving the blog. Isn't Brock just the most amazing thing, ever?! :) (10.10.07, 11:50am)