Em : I think you know what i'm think :) (11.8.07, 7:03pm)

Jill VC: please share your lighting setup for the hospital ones. Especially the first 2 (Ali hours old). Thank you so much! (10.25.07, 10:31pm)

Stephanie: BEAUTIFUL baby ... what a cute name. Her mother looks amazing, too! major congrats to everyone! (10.18.07, 9:08pm)

Laura C: She is beautiful! Congrats guys on such a wonderful addition to your family! (10.18.07, 8:51am)

Julia (from Fidelity): Meg- she is so amazingly BEAUTIFUL- I can see already how much she looks like both you and Joey! And I love her blonde hair! :) Michael- you are a very talented photographer- great job with the pics! (10.18.07, 7:29am)

Tara S (from FMR): Megan she is beautiful, congratulations and many blessings for you and your family. (10.18.07, 7:22am)

ksen: CONGRATS!!! how amazing & wonderful for you & your family. :) she is gorgeous! (10.17.07, 10:44am)

Shelley: I can't believe how much she looks like her mama!! What a beautiful girl. Pictures are phenomenal, by the way. Congrats to the beautiful family. Love that hair!!! -Shelley (10.17.07, 7:22am)

Carol : Mike, they are all great, but yo left out alot of good ones too- like, JJ eating cake, the one with me nonnie and babe, ma and babe, me smiling with babe. I know you cant have them all but those were gd ones too. AND you know how i feel about having to scroll down to view the whole pic on your gallery pages. Can you fix? gets annoying when havea lot of pics to look at. Just trying to help:) (10.16.07, 10:31pm)

Joanna: Mike! Finally the new website. It is unbelievable. I love it! Your niece is too precious for words. Looks like you have your next covergirl! (10.16.07, 9:26pm)

Diane: Congrats to the family! Such a blessing! Thanks for the great photos Mike. (10.16.07, 4:03pm)

Tony Yu: Congrats on a little niece! Make you sure you do your job as her uncle (spoil her like no other), she is precious. (10.16.07, 3:26pm)

Megan: AWESOME MIKE!! thanks for being such a good uncle! (10.16.07, 3:18pm)