Renee Incorvati: Michael, Great Pictures!!!! Your Awsome ! When Ariana graduates and gets married your our man. Love Renee (11.16.07, 10:35pm)

Laura Torell: Hey! My sister works at the Neiman Marcus in Natick! She's head of jewelry... you could stop in and say Hello to (who I'm assuming is) the only tan blond working behind the jewelry counter! (11.15.07, 11:54am)

bobbi+: How cool! PS. You look like your dad. (11.11.07, 9:36pm)

Mary : Hi Mike, Great gig for Joe. Maybe Shannon can play there too! LOL (11.5.07, 12:56pm)

Peter Gregg: Hey, that's pretty cool. I love great smooth piano playing, does your dad have an album (or CD these days) he sells?? Let's sell a few for him here!!! I know who should do the cover photo :) (11.2.07, 5:14pm)

Carol : WOW, Mike! You got some really great pictures of him- that is awesome1 And so cool seeing Dad playing there... Kind of funny too:-) (11.2.07, 1:14pm)