bobbi+: LOVE the makeup shot that you snuck in to! (11.15.07, 5:07pm)

Peter Gregg: Anyone getting pictures like these are getting top-of-the-line world class photography. They are so - WOW!!! I am Greek Orthodox too so I know the Greek weddings inside out. You did fantastic and artistic work and they will make a knock-out wedding alum to treasure for years. This was one lucky couple!!! And NO keeping any of that money being flung around - it's for the bride & groom - lol. Yassou!! Na zisete ke O Theos mazisas :) (11.14.07, 7:50pm)

vilma joe's mom: michael: these pictures are amazing.i can't wait to see the rest of them.i showed them to all my co-workers.they were speechless at your talent. (11.14.07, 4:44pm)

Sophia: These pictures are EXACTLY what Joe and I were hoping for... Can't wait to see the rest of them!!! (11.14.07, 1:48pm)

Jimmy Xinteropolous: Mike, I love your work. (11.13.07, 10:21pm)

Carol: Mike, Every one of those pictures was truely amazing. I think those were some of your best work!!! (11.12.07, 9:37pm)