Elizabeth Stockwell: i just died. i hate you and youre weather facts. (12.9.07, 12:18am)

Dennis: Those are some great shots! Way to capture the moment. (12.2.07, 1:55pm)

Crista: you crack me up... this is why I never get good shots because I am not that dedicated! haha, awesome, love the one of the little girl hugging the boy from the holiday party too! (11.25.07, 3:44pm)

Calyn: The only class that you really enjoyed!?? Well at least that makes one of us! ;-) (11.23.07, 1:49pm)

Carol: Very creative Mike! Like the group of kids shots. (11.23.07, 1:24pm)

Peter Gregg: Where do you come up with all this really cool interesting stuff??? Are you a stealth genius :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from warm, sunny and almost always fog-less Miami - lol. (11.22.07, 2:36pm)

bobbi+: YOU JUST OFFICIALLY BLEW ME AWAY! (11.22.07, 12:30am)