Carol: The family shot came out great! Cant wait for my copy:) (12.17.07, 4:19pm)

Elizabeth Stockwell: shove it Tiarra, Blanch is all mine. Can't wait to meet the fam! (12.9.07, 12:11am)

Mary: Mike, Love all the pictures especially those of me! LOL. (12.5.07, 11:18am)

Sandy McDonald: Love the family photo. Tater on shoulders, love it. And the pic of you with Allison, she is such a little bundle and so, so cute, I love it. (12.3.07, 9:31am)

Tiarra Norcross: i cant wait until we're married and i'm in these pics with you!xoxo (12.2.07, 9:20pm)