Calyn: These pictures are AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see them this weekend in Newark, NJ!!! :-D (2.7.08, 8:24pm)

Lisa Franco: Hey Mike...great shots! Just wish that girl would smile once in a while. My fav? The one of all the jeans hanging down....very cool!....Lisa (2.1.08, 12:28pm)

Joanna: Mike: I think I must have added like 30 hits to the site while checking back to see if there was anything new. How were you able to get a press pass? So what did you think about here-you know up and personal? (1.31.08, 7:06pm)

bobbi+: Look at you Mr. Big Deal! :) Fun photos! SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!!!! ~Bobbi (1.31.08, 5:21pm)

chris blanchard: spice girls? wow, did NOT see that coming back .. even for a reunion tour (1.31.08, 11:06am)