Carol : Mike, great job as always. I can alway count on you to photo shop the hell out of me:) I do appreciate you being there and taking the pics..the late night ones were really good too! Luv ya:) (2.25.08, 7:34pm)

Beck: Wow! Great pics! Nothin like having a personal photographer to capture your milestones! Mike, you're hired for every milestone I hit!! So sorry I missed the bash! (2.25.08, 6:27pm)

Liz: Mike, nice job as always! (2.25.08, 11:38am)

Meg: great pics, Carol and Mike you guys look awesome as usual :) and not to selfish...but i want to see the family party pics, of course i want to see pics of my adorable kids :) (2.25.08, 11:08am)