Custom Term Paper: Great article! (3.12.10, 7:54am)

Valerie McSorley: You are so incredibly talented! It is an honor to work with you. You make us look so good!!! (1.14.09, 7:41pm)

Pauline Alighieri: Michael, Kudos to you for your great coverage of Oscar night! (2.28.08, 6:40pm)

Julie Nations: Michael, We can't thank you enough for your OUTSTANDING work on Oscar Night! Your photos are beautiful and you really captured the fun of the evening. Can't wait to work with you again! (2.26.08, 9:01pm)

Julie Dennehy: Michael, your shots are gorgeous. I am so impressed and can't wait to share the link with the Ellie Fund... beautiful work! (2.26.08, 9:25am)

Natalie: Emily Valentine!!!! or are you too young for that? (2.26.08, 9:09am)

Mary: Nice job Michael! (2.26.08, 8:52am)

Carol: Mike, how dod you get these random cool gigs? So funny! (2.26.08, 7:32am)