George Lythcott: I am a Polaroid retiree and worked for Steve Berry. I would LOVE to get in touch with him. Please pass this on. Thanks. (1.13.09, 5:12pm)

Raymond Fuller Jr: Thanks Mike for bringing back so many wonderful memories. I will always cherish the wonderful folks I met and enjoyed learning and working with for over 23.5 years; I work at R5, W5, Norwood, and Cambridge (4.15.08, 1:23pm)

Bill Wilson 08729S: There are so many of us who owe so much to Dr. Land/Polaroid (one in the same)! Even after leaving Polaroid in 1985 after 17 years, I still talk about my career, education and life experiences in the "PRESENT TENSE"! The memories, relationships, and faces of so many of the people I met and know are still secrured in my mind and heart! I guess you might say that all of us who had the sitinct pleasure and opportunity to work at Polaroid are been blessed with the "POLAROID PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY"! "THANK YOU" so much for taking the time and interest in "HONORING" a true American Icon: Dr. Land/Polaroid and all of us who are and will ALWAYS BE POLAROID EMPLOYEES!!! (3.26.08, 7:16am)

Mo Murphy: In 1971 I joined Polaroid and it was an exciting time. The organization was wonderful, the people wonderful, the spirit was wonderful. I miss all three but I think we all carried a lot of it to wherever we went. (3.25.08, 10:18am)

Frederick Mays: Thanks for the great memories from bldgs 1,2,3,5..and in Norwood for one year after retirement.. (3.21.08, 2:47pm)

Spyro Karagiannis: Great work - loved Polaroid all of my life, was lucky enough to have one as a teenager and kept using it till my late 30s. FYI, there was a British band in the early 80s called Japan that released a song called "Gentlemen take Polaroids". Instant love!! Polaroid will live forever in our hearts and our photo albums! Spyro Karagiannis - Greece-NYC (3.19.08, 10:16am)

steve cowley: Photography has been my passion all my life. Of all the photographs taken, with all sorts of cameras, which are the one's my family treasure most? The Polaroids! - capturing the instant and afterwards adding some wry comment to the bottom of the print - we look and laugh at them years later. I am very sad about this situation, especially now that 4x5 Type 55 is my film of choice. Good luck to all those employers, whatever their future may hold. Regards Steve (3.17.08, 10:55am)

Tony: I worked at Polaroid in the late '70's to mid '80's we introduced The One Step, a point and shoot SX-70 camera. The One Step was the most successful camera on the market at that time. There were a million on back-order. Pol- aroid was far and away the best company I ever worked for. Period. (3.17.08, 3:51am)

Roger: Great video, sad to see another Massachusetts icon shutter...... (3.16.08, 3:42pm)


Tom: Saw the articlke in the did a really fine job about Polaroid...sic trasit gloria mundi, as they say. (3.16.08, 11:32am)

Rob Hunt: Submit "Icon" as a documentary, it'd probably garner an Oscar nod! (3.16.08, 11:03am)

John Keating: Loved it. I worked in "Camera Repair" an walked by those machines every day an talked with all the people in your clip. People like them made Polaroid what was. God bless them. John Keating 1973 - 2006. (3.16.08, 10:44am)

Alan Whitney: Thanks for the memories. Good Boston Globe article. (3.16.08, 9:18am)

JOHNNIE M. HAYWOOD: Mike..a great memory thanks. (3.16.08, 6:32am)

Peter Gregg: Wow Michael - look at all the fantastic comments here. I think a lot of folks think you did an outstanding job - ya think :) Your work just keeps getting better and better and then better again - pretty soon you will have to give us photographers some seminars on getting to the top of the creativity mountain. Stay high up there, lots of folks are loving your work. (3.16.08, 12:31am)

Penny Benatovich: I had the pleasure of working as a vendor doing internal communications for Polaroid for many years. I had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of employees and executives there. I can tell you as far as corporations go, they had the finest, dedicated, caring family of employees I had ever seen. Hard to believe it will be a thing of the past now. Thanks for the tribute to a wonderful group of people at Polaroid-- now and yesterday. (3.15.08, 4:45pm)

Dini Wilson: Thank you for this video on Polaroid. It brings back so many wonderful memories. I will always cherish the wonderful folks I met and enjoyed learning and working with for over 36 years. Dr. Lands PP101 philosophy, that stated in part: " Polaroid's goals and its Employees were always to be treated equally" , greatly influenced my life. (3.13.08, 8:43am)

Mike Eden: Great job Michael. I worked at Polaroid for 30 years. Although most of my time was in Hardware Manufacturing. I did however work one Summer shutdown my first year on the 4x5 line with Ben Dew, designing a new packaging area. I would love to see a Camera Division video? Has anyone got any movies. (3.13.08, 8:41am)

Tom Kavanagh (62-01): Hello from Katherine's brother Tommy. Ah yes,nepotism was alive at Polaroid. I will always think of co-workers with or without blood links as family. (3.13.08, 7:41am)

Katherine: Agreed, this is a lovely tribute. I to felt a little sad as I followed you through the factory. Seeing the production line... and the people 'behind' the company really makes this even sadder. These employees really believe in this company and what they stood for. It's a sad thought knowing that there will be a time when no film passes through the opening of my SX-70 anymore... Love live Polaroid. (3.13.08, 1:37am)

Alan Brenner: A wonderful tribute! Polaroid stands as a unique industrial entity in our country's history. It afforded millions of customers memorable experiences while enormously enriching the lives of those of us who were privileged to work there!!! (3.12.08, 1:06pm)

Paul Lubin: This is a great video! I share the sentiments of all. My 31 years were a great experience with friends who became family. I wish that we could have had a video done when we were optimstic about the future. Back when Mac was CEO! (3.12.08, 10:19am)

Jan Weyman Lopez: I still miss working there and the friends I made in Enschede, the Vale and Mexico. (3.11.08, 7:46pm)

Joe Martin 1961-1995: We all have different kinds of memories. Mine were very positive. I started in Waltham in 1961 and retired from Norwood 34 years later. I enjoyed the brief visit that Michael afforded us. Thank You (3.11.08, 5:42pm)

Joe Potter: Well, they say all good things come to an end. Starting at Polaroid in my home town of Waltham 3 weeks after my return from Viet Nam was like working in paradise. Great people and great opportunities. It was 30 yrs of learning, fun and great friends. Having met Dr. Land a few times I recall those times as some of the most memorable times of my life. Joe Potter Polaroid 1967-1997 (3.10.08, 6:36pm)

David J Kennedy: Well done Mike, You have captured an "instant moment" that many of us lived in a lifetime. Great people, great friends, great memories. Many thanks David, Vale employee 1973 - 2004 (3.10.08, 2:11pm)

Bill Hurkett: This is a great and thought. I'm sure we will all remember the good times with so many good people. I do miss you all. (3.10.08, 12:46pm)

Hank larson: 34 years when I left in 2001. Started a s a custo on main st. in waltham. Finished as a tech spec in NB6. A damned good ride! (3.9.08, 6:22pm)

fred: this was a great trip down memory lane. thanks for the memories. (3.6.08, 5:36pm)

Jaap Bliek: Great video, great people, great story! Used to visit Waltham from the Enschede Polaroid plant. What a fantastic place to work the Polaroid family has been. Pity it will all be gone soon. (3.6.08, 8:38am)

Don Crawford 1958 to 1995: Great Job!! Nothing more could be said!! (3.5.08, 6:51pm)

Jim Murphy 1970-2005: Excellent job Mike! Sonny looks great and maybe sould be carring the statue (north end thing) Charlie you too. You guys will do alright when the doors close but I know it's terribly sad day. Cheers to All Jim Murphy (class of 70) (3.4.08, 1:13pm)

Tom Campbell 1965-2001: Nice bit of nostalgia . Felt some sadness during the video. Will pass on . (3.4.08, 11:44am)

Angela: Nostalgic memories printed at an instant should not die out. (3.4.08, 9:48am)

Anna Yu: super! (3.3.08, 10:38pm)

Liz Carbone: Mike, that was awesome. You never cease to amaze me with the work that you do. (3.3.08, 8:21pm)

Michael Shandro: A great film Michael. This is a little piece of history. It's wonderful that you are offering copies to the employees. (3.3.08, 11:28am)

Fed: Hey Mike thanks for pasting that on in my comments. Great job! (3.3.08, 6:18am)

Joey Blanchard: Mike, you get plenty of praise for your work but I think this is your best. (3.2.08, 7:45pm)

eleise theuer: lovely, lovely film. I will miss Polaroid. Thank You. (3.2.08, 7:08pm)

Tommy Conroy: Hi Michael, I was from the Vale Hardware site and I echo your nice have captured the past very well...Goog luck in the future. Best regards, Tommy Conroy. (3.2.08, 2:20pm)

Trask Bedortha: Wow. Thank you! An amazing and well crafted look at the real people at Polaroid. Inspiring. (3.2.08, 11:42am)

PAUL GIAMBARBA: Congratulations, Michael, on a brilliant job! (3.2.08, 8:05am)

Simon Kemp: Great little film Mike, I really enjoyed it. Excellent work :) (3.2.08, 3:18am)

Tony Yu: Mike, that was brilliant! I loved every second of your little masterpiece. It certainly made me feel the passion with which these people tell their story. Ok, I am off to a store to buy some Polaroid film :) (2.29.08, 6:08pm)