amanda: Mike, your pics are touching and truly remind us all of the important things in life. God bless him and his family. (3.31.08, 9:23pm)

Carol: What a cutiepie he is!!! Makes me want to work with lil guys like him:) I love that you went out of your way to meet their family and share their story. Now so many of us want to know about Giovanni because of your pictures! Very proud of you and your work:) (3.31.08, 8:27pm)

Liz: Mike, thank you for posting these pictures. Keep me posted on the bone marrow drive that you plan on having in June. I will definitely be there! (3.31.08, 6:16pm)

Jennifer: The pictures are amazing, but then again I have followed Giovanni since he was only a few months old and he just gets more and more gorgeous. I am trying to plan my fourth Save Giovanni Bone Marrow Drive and would like to get some posters and fliers made up....would it be possible to display some of your pictures at the drives? I will be in touch with Michael to make the arrangements...Great Work! (3.30.08, 4:29pm)

Michael & Christina: Beautiful pictures Michael, but Christina and I are biased. We are here with Giovanni. He still stable, they changed his tube and are waiting to see how well he is breathing before determining if they can pull the tube and ventilator. Once we know how much oxygen he is contributing they can pull the vent. It will probably be tomorrow. His lungs are clear, he is moving air well, his CBC's are excellent, and he is resting comfortably. (3.29.08, 6:00pm)