Julie Dennehy: Michael, I don't know how it is possible, but you hit it out of the park again. Your photos are simply spectacular, and you make every single woman look like a supermodel. (4.2.08, 1:44pm)

Julie Nations: Mike, you are the BEST. A million thanks for capturing the fun and excitement of our wonderful event! (4.1.08, 7:18am)

Carol: All the pictures show such great color! Very nice. (3.31.08, 8:29pm)

Anna Yu: Mike, yummy images and great coverage of the event! Boston Harbor Hotel....aaaahhhh! Love that moment captured during Kelley's speech. Awesome group shot also. All of these are just super good. And JC Monahan, omg, this girl had a baby not too long ago, right? (3.31.08, 5:31pm)