Tracey Young: as I suspected, you've been out making more amazing pictures! (7.3.08, 9:10pm)

bobbi+: you rock! (7.1.08, 9:20pm)

Shannon: nice pictures michael! as they are always. i cant wait to see the pictures from Alison's baptism! I'm sure they'll be amazinggggg! (6.28.08, 4:16pm)

Julie Dennehy: Michael... amazing work, as always. Your kid photos are spectacular. Sorry I've been out of touch, but glad I could take a minute to see what you are up to... you are a rock star. (6.27.08, 12:27pm)

Vanessa Embling: Sleeping all day - you are funny. Great photos! I really love the ones in the graveyard! (6.24.08, 9:57am)

Liz: I was so glad to see some of you pictures this morning. Brightened up my day! Keep them coming :-) (6.19.08, 7:24am)

Lindsey: FINALLY! Something to check out while Im sitting here at work! 1st off--how much does it hurt to do the bone marrow donor test? Im up for it if you think I can handle it! 2nd--Mikey just gets cuter every day! (6.17.08, 3:25pm)

tammy Hwang: She's adorable. The new pics look fab! (6.17.08, 3:00pm)

Joanna: I've been wondering what you have been up to. And now I know. Thanks for the update. I'll be checking back. And Allison what a cutie! (6.17.08, 11:27am)

Meg: wow Mike, super busy! yet you still have time for my kids :) youre the best. gret stuff tho! youre pics are really great! (6.17.08, 9:54am)

Anna Yu: you bet i'm checking, you've been busy!!! and i want to see everything! just several more days and we can finally have martinis together! hah! (6.17.08, 9:30am)

Dennis: have had a bunch going on. Cant wait to see all the details. (6.17.08, 8:48am)