NICOLE: GOD IS GOOD. (8.7.11, 2:19pm)

Laura R.: Kai and her mom are truly an inspiration to us all. What a powerful story .Thank you for sharing and for once again reminding me how special u are.xo (7.9.08, 5:03pm)

Tony Yu: Great story, I am proud to have you as a friend. (7.3.08, 3:57pm)

ksen: amazing & so very true. what an incredible strong Mom & daughter -- & props to you Michael for taking the time to document/tell this story so that so many readers can be touched by their strength & great power of forgiveness. very well done! :) (7.3.08, 11:41am)

bobbi+: wow to Kai! i'm speechless. wow to you michael for telling such an amazing story. (7.3.08, 7:08am)