Judy Jordan: Michael, Thank you for all of the beautiful pictures that you have taken of Giovanni. I love looking at all of them. They are very conforting at this sad time and always will be. THANK YOU SO MUCH. (5.22.12, 4:48pm)

sarah fowks: mike-you always get me with these pictures. they are amazing (8.3.08, 7:21pm)

Lindsey: He looks pretty much like I do when Im finished with an Elmo cupcake...that might be my all time favorite picture! (7.30.08, 8:05pm)

Anna Yu: Congratulations to a little superman and to you Mike! You are making me so happy with these posts, you do!!! (7.28.08, 1:55pm)

la piccola Daria: You are doing a good job, all of you, giovanni first of course. (7.28.08, 8:21am)

Julie Dennehy: Happy birthday, G.! Beautiful photos, as always, Michael. I can't believe this superkid is already two... and ten lives saved. What a notch on his tiny, drool-laden little belt... what an inspiration that we can all do "...small things with great love" (Mother Teresa ). You are doing just that, Michael, with your art and your dedication to this cause. Bravo! (7.28.08, 6:40am)

Tammy Toperosky: I love the one when he's done eating his cake. What a great story. (7.27.08, 6:28am)