Cara & Shaun: We just finished looking thru the album & we absolutely LOVE them!! You guys did an amazing job and we can't thank you enough!!!! You're the best!! xxoo (8.9.08, 10:55am)

Anna Yu: This is my faaaavorite wedding!!! You guys did such a good job, I looked at hundreds of images that Tony came home with, and I have to tell you - this wedding party was to die for. The bride and groom are ADORABLE, and they totally know how to party!!! Cara's smile is so infectious, I was mesmerized (actually, the second I looked at the first picture of her I was screaming “Cameron” and Tony was laughing). Mike, these guys were a dream for every photographer in so many ways, I wish you more clients like this! (8.6.08, 9:34am)

Trevor Middleton: Homey, Seems like an eternity since we were there celebrating with you all. What a night! It all went way too fast. I can't believe that some of these pics are better than the ones I posted on snapfish. Hope Kanasas is treating you well, love from Oz. (8.5.08, 7:48pm)

Toni-Ann I.: You all looked great. Congratulations Cara and Shaun-the Interdonatis (8.5.08, 6:03pm)

Santina: Wow! Great photos, thanks. (8.5.08, 4:26pm)

bobbi+: BEST.MB.WEDDING.EVERRRRRR!!!!! You ROCKED this!!!!!!!!!! (8.5.08, 6:37am)

Dennis: Good stuff Michael! It is good to see a wedding on the blog! (8.5.08, 6:16am)