Eileen: What great photos of a great couple. Great time!!!! (11.24.08, 8:07pm)

Nic Seal: Super photos... Looking forward to more!!! (11.24.08, 12:28pm)

Katie: These are absolutely amazing! (11.3.08, 6:21am)

Joan: Wow...a beautiful job. If you were there, you know how well Michael captured the spirit of that fabulous day and two special people. (11.2.08, 1:58pm)

Maureen: Pictures are awesome, can't wait to see more! (11.1.08, 9:51am)

Jack: What a superb job you did with making their wedding day so memorable!! (10.31.08, 8:42pm)

Steve & Nic: Hey, we're famous. Some beautiful pictures there. Had a wonderful time and enjoyed hanging with you in Dedham. (10.31.08, 7:00pm)

Mer and Den: Sweet, special couple, incredibly fun wedding all captured through your lens...thank you! (10.31.08, 5:55pm)

Gerry: These pictures are great I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. (10.31.08, 5:27pm)

Jean: These are great - awesome job Mike! (10.31.08, 5:25pm)

Alice: Love the pictures-can't wait to see the rest! (10.31.08, 4:48pm)

Amanda : Thank you for making me look skinny and whitening my teeth! Can't wait to look through all the pics later. You are the best! (10.31.08, 2:05pm)

Bryan: Great job Mike, they look amazing! (10.31.08, 12:06pm)

Kelly: LOVE THEM MIKE!!!! (10.31.08, 11:43am)

Dennis: Look out wedding photographers (10.31.08, 5:57am)