Uncle Bill in Australia: Well done Michael. Great pics of the family. Wonderful to see my new niece doing well and in good hands. Still not sure why they chose 'Riley' when Billimenia has such a nice ring to it. (4.27.09, 12:47am)

Carol: MIke, what awesome pictures!You really captured the moment!!!!! Great job!!! (4.25.09, 3:24pm)

Great Uncle Pat: How cool! Shaun & Cara proud to have a new member to the Salmon Nation. Congrats!! Beautiful pictures of Riley and 2 proud parents. (4.24.09, 10:29pm)

Nana Anita: Thank you Michael, you made me laugh, you made me cry, Shaun, Cara and Riley, what a beautiful family, I am so blessed!! unbelevable pictures! (4.24.09, 8:09pm)

Shannon Cini: These photos are so beautiful! What incredible memories to have captured like this... (4.24.09, 6:02pm)

frances: Wonderful Michael and very sensitively taken. Very tender. So happy to see Cara, Shaun and Riley. What a mop of hair! ..Riley's of course. x frances (4.24.09, 5:33pm)

Santina Ferri: Michael you are so talented! I love the photos. Thank you for sharing. (4.24.09, 1:54pm)

Lindsey: I love Baby Riley more and more each time I see her. She's perfect....and great job on the photos...AS ALWAYS :) (4.24.09, 12:04pm)

Cara: As always - We LOVE your work!!! Thank you for doing such a great job!! xx (4.24.09, 12:01pm)

Dennis Bullock: That are so great Michael! You really caught their love for Riley! (4.24.09, 7:39am)