Anita & Tim Maryniak: Giovanni you are growing up so fast! You are in our thoughts and we love you sweetie! Good Bless you. Your biker buddies from Buffalo, NY USA Anita & Tim (12.15.09, 3:21pm)

bettina: we love you baby giovanni from Italy (11.20.09, 4:18am)

elena: Michael, we should go to the house again and take more pics. You are a genius with the images! (8.15.09, 8:45am)

William Hill: I can't belive how much he has grown and hope cute he looks !!! You guys have done so much good for the world keep up the great work! God bless you all ! -Bill, Barbara, Kieran, Makayla, & Tyler (6.29.09, 10:16am)

Laura: What a joyful child! watching Giovanni 's journey through your lens is a a true gift.. (6.5.09, 2:44pm)

bethany: What a hansome little man!!!! He's come along way! What an angel! (5.5.09, 12:34pm)

Pauline Alighieri: Michael, You continue to amaze me with your ability to capture a person's spirit! I have just scrolled through all of your photos. It's like eye candy! The colors are crisp and clear but most of all you are able to catch the emotion. You are a true artist! (5.4.09, 6:59pm)

Peter Gregg: Wow, what a wonderful update. Keeping this kid in my prayers :) (4.30.09, 12:49am)

Christina: Michael the pictures came out AWESOME!!! I love it when you come and visit, see you soon. (4.27.09, 9:08am)

Natalie Patey: He has gotten so big! I love the picture updates of his journey. Keep them coming! (4.27.09, 8:35am)