Cara: Gorgeous photos Mike! As always you did an amazing job capturing the day. Mel & Billy must be so happy to have these treasured memories so beautifully preserved! (1.26.10, 10:21pm)

Melanie: These photos are outstanding!!! Thank you for all of your hard work. (1.22.10, 6:04am)

Liz: Awesome pics as usual Mike! You really captured the day. I was dancing in my chair looking at them :-) Such a good time! (1.21.10, 8:58am)

Peter Gregg: National feature story level of photography - totally outstanding!!!! (1.20.10, 12:23am)

Lindsey: I LOVE Walter from the Alter!!! Great pics as always. <3 the Myers family! (1.17.10, 6:14pm)