Rick Bern: Gorgeous shot. Nice work! (5.5.10, 10:28am)

Tony Yu: Great portrait, Mike! Keep up the good work :) (4.28.10, 12:51am)

Jamie Dorsey: Michael, Charlie Gibson is one of my absolute favorites! I would have been a great assistant! As always, you're the best at what you do! (4.26.10, 10:48pm)

Anna Yu: Wow from me too, Mikey! Gorgeous shot, so happy for you! (4.26.10, 10:41am)

bobbi: CHARLIE GIBSON!!!!!!! I'm not going to lie... I'm kind of a HUGE fan :D :D :D This photo REALLY is so him :) You've made it the day you photograph Charlie Gibson... Wow to this. (4.26.10, 1:47am)